People love to watch short videos on the Internet--Nearly 50 percent of all Internet activity today is video! So, why not have them watch yours?

If you have a business, this is really important, because video keeps traffic on your site up to six times longer. To move your audience, a topnotch interactive video is the key. Video generates business. Video generates interest. And, video generates profit.

Video Production Services

Live Action

Travel (US and Abroad)
Sound Effects
Music Production


Custom Art
2D/3D Animation
Sound Effects
Music Production


Web Design
Graphic Design
Digital Signage

How your video can be used:

• Product Demo
• Company Service Demo
• Company Profile Client
• Testimonial/Interview
• Presentation Video

• Sales and Promotion
• Training Video
• Event Promotion
• and more!


Every project is different, so costs depend on length, complexity, and whether it is animated or live action.

An animated web video that is 1- to 2-minute can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

Live action production time may vary according to the shooting schedule. Once the shooting is done, the post-production work averages 2 to 3 weeks.

Video Production Day Rates

Short Film, Feature Films, Documentary, Interviews, Music Video

Half Day........................................$750

2-3 person crew 4 hours
(video engineer, audio engineer, producer)
1 Camera, 3 piece lighting kit , lavalier and boom mic
Supplies (tapes, etc)

Full Day..........................................$1,300

2-3 person crew 8 hours
(video engineer, audio engineer, producer)
1 Camera, 3 piece lighting kit, lavalier and boom mic
Supplies (tapes, etc)

“Weekend” Package................$2,400

2-3 person crew 2 Full Days, 8 hours each
(video engineer, audio engineer, producer)
1 Camera, 3 piece lighting kit , lavalier and boom mic
Supplies (tapes, etc)


“SunJae and the team at LightSmith Productions produce a better quality video at a better price than anyone else out there. The team is easy to work with and provides constant feedback throughout the project to make sure your video turns out perfect. They listened to what we wanted to were able to match the style perfectly with our brand. I've already referred everyone I know to LightSmith and if I need another video I will definitely be going back.”

--Nick Miller, CEO and Co-Founder, Parking Panda

Lightsmith Productions created an outstanding animated video for us! SunJae and his team were extremely responsive and very creative. They understood what we were after and constructed an amazing video at a great price. We have already worked together on two projects and are looking forward to many more.

-- Tony Bagdon, KnotFriends

“I have to say that Mie and Sun Jae made the entire experience so pleasant, so nearly effortless, that I might as well have been sitting in a living room talking to a friend. I recently saw the fruits of their labors, and was frankly astonished at how comfortable I looked on camera, the spot-on perfect lighting, how seamlessly the interview was edited, and how effective the overall presentation seemed. I can’t find the proper words to praise LightSmith for what it pulled off.”

--Ben Justesen, Author, “George Henry White: An Even Chance in the Race of Life”