Ai Means Love | Cashing Out | Soul Search

Ai Means Love [2011]

Running time 100 mins

Two families, one from Japan and one from a small town in West Virginia, own businesses next to each other. Mr. Hayashi, a former samurai movie actor, has a hard time introducing Japanese culture through his video business. Greg and Julie Marshall sell stationery items, including Christian products,but are having a hard time in a depressed economy.

Miki, the Hayashi’s shy but sincere daughter, is trying to help her immigrant parents’ business. Ian Marshall, charismatic and outgoing, has been waiting for God to show him his intended spouse. Although from completely different cultures, the families wrestle with the same life challenges, especially helping their children choose suitable mates. As cultures collide, comedy ensues.

Will old habits intervene? Or will love find a way through an unexpected source?

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Cashing Out [2009]

Running time 98 mins

A seemingly random series of events is taking place in which people in desperate circumstances are receiving cash gifts anonymously. Bank officials trace the source to one elderly mans account, but a group of young people is doing the actual distributing. The FBI and Wall Street officials are investigating the activities, suspecting various evil motives.

Meanwhile, the cashing is spreading out across the country, impacting more and more people. As federal agents tighten the net, the group is forced to become more imaginative. Arrest and trial become inevitable; will the forces of greed dominate? Or will generosity win them over?

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West Virginia International Film Festival 2009
This is a GREAT film! I'll admit that I was a bit worried about the length. A story has to be compelling with smooth flow to keep my attention longer than 60 minutes. But you did the job. And it did not drag.

The plot was fabulous - as were the actors. Good camera work. Good attention to light and framing. And most important - Good Audio! Oh - and great animation too!

It takes a good director and producer to pull off a film like this. I can only guess that everyone on the team worked well together.

You hooked me on the opening scene and by the end of the film my eyes were filled with tears. BRAVO!

B.J. Gudmundsson
Patchwork Films

Soul Search [2008]

Running time 70 mins

Amira is a talented spoken word artist and musician who is desperately trying to make it big. All of her attempts to share her work with the world has resulted in harsh rejection. During a chance meeting at a party, Amira meets Angelo who offers her a unique deal: fame and fortune for her soul. Hesitantly, Amira accepts not realizing the consequences and extent of the agreement. Losing her soul means losing her gift of music, a lose of her senses. Trapped in this hellish world, Amira is determined to find a way out.


West Virginia International Film Festival 2008
The film is heads above all other films in competition. The scale of story and production value is not only impressive but contributive to the telling of a powerful story.

Each shot displayed a level of sophistication and premeditation that I wish more filmmakers would take the time to do. The scenes with Amira were all very powerful.

My only complaint (and it is a small one) was that the blending of her story and that of those who found the phone could have been more seamless.

I’m very impressed by the maturity of storytelling in this film. Please keep making films. I feel certain that audiences with embrace your stories.